UC 乾霧消毒站


  • 台式機租賃,數量可以靈活配合客戶所提供消毒空間面積,最細可以由面積 150*150 cm 起。
  • 季度租約,靈活配合疫情或場景需要。
  • 無限量消毒水供應。每台機自帶200公升水箱,大部份場景可用一至五星期。
  • 自帶雲端水箱水位監察系統,需要補充消毒水時我方客服會主動聯絡安排時間,無需由客戶通知。

UVC Air Sterilizer Plug-n-Play Ai202 Product Brochure PDF

UVC Air Sterilizer Plug-n-Play Ai202 uses high density plasma generator, UV-C lamp and photocatalyst to kill bacteria and to decompose (not by absorption which a filter can go saturated) odor. A tiny low-noise fan is built-in to promote active air circulation. Auto-activation PIR human infrared sensor, CPU timing delay mode & 24-hour always-on mode, and self-adaptive & auto-activation warm night light.