WOOFAA Algal Oxygen Bar Brochure PDF

WOOFAA AOB reduces carbon dioxide and generates oxygen in air directly, 20-time faster than normal plants. Many busy offices have conference rooms often fully occupied, or even over-crowded, and the native air-conditioning system often fails to cope with the loading too. That is where our AOB can help besides just being an eye-pleasing candy.

Bio-mitigation of carbon dioxide using microalgal systems: Advances and perspectives 2017 PDF

This present review is aimed to gain understanding how microalgae assimilate different forms of carbons and provide a comprehensive overview of the current advances in utilizing microalgae for CO2 fixation, with focus on strain screening and improvement, mass cultivation practice, and effects of environmental and nutritional factors on CO2 fixation performance. Economic viability, challenges and perspectives of microalgae-mediated CO2 biomitigation are also discussed.