Biocidal Effects of Non-thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma 2017 PDF

This thesis is focused on the combination of basic and applied research of processes induced by plasma in liquids, and their effects on bacteria and fungi.

Electro-spraying of natural de-contaminant (essential oil) through the transient spark discharge was used to examine bactericidal properties of essential oils activated with plasma. Essential oils in general as well as oregano essential oil in particular are known for their antiseptic properties, i.e. bactericidal, fungicidal, analgetic, sedative, etc., and are usually used in vaporized phase. However, vaporization is highly time consuming process and takes up to 72 hours, depending on experimental conditions.

The transient spark discharge was used to decrease the time needed to provide bacteria and fungi inactivation (in this experiment from 12 hours to 4 minutes) and at the same time to induce processes, which can lead to gain more efficient bactericidal effect of OEO.