Air Quality Management
we develop and distribute air quality management products and solutions
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Air Quality Management Solution Development • Distribution


WOOFAA develops and distributes ambient air quality monitoring and control products. Our solutions embrace applications for household, educational, communal and commercial sectors. Our team is well-versed in latest air purification, smart building, and Internet-of-Things technologies, giving you an effective and energy efficient solution to any of your odor and air quality problem.

Know Our Team Competence
Our technical team members are formally trained on building services engineering whom know the in-and-out of centralized air-conditioning systems in any scales. HVAC Engineers

design, install and service

The WELL Building Standard™ (WELL) is a globally recognized green building institute. It establishes requirements in buildings that promote clean air and minimize sources of indoor air pollution. WELL AP

WELL Accredited Professional, International WELL Building Institute

Our founder Marc Chow formerly worked in a Fortune 500 specialzed in building automation systems. He is well-versed in putting smart air controls to work in harmony with other building systems. Smart Building Specialist

Marc Chow, Founder of WOOFAA

Zero Noise Sterilizing Air Purifier

Compact stylish design fits for bed room or office cubicle. Powerful electrostatic air chamber filtering the finest PM0.1 particulate matters.

Measure So You Can Control

WOOFAA Dog can work as a standalone and portable ambient air quality monitor, professional grade sensors be used as a trouble-shooting tool for office administrators, engineers, facility management, and tenant service people.

Show Off Your Indoor Air Quality Competence

WOOFAA Air is a wireless network monitoring system checking on mutiple air quality parameters at multiple locations, telling people how good your indoor air is.

Turns Dumb into Smart

WOOFAA Smart is a cloud-based air quality monitoring and control system, turning your dummy air equipment into smart.