WOOFAA Air-hound Starter Kit

This IAQ+IoT kit (WFACW2C) contains:

  • One wifi-enabled air quality monitor on 100~240 VAC power supply
  • One preconfigured Apple iPad Mini
  • One lockable iPad metal protective case with wall-mounted bracket
  • One cloud data service license perpetual for the above equipment, unlimited data traffic

We ship worldwide.

User Profiles

Any indoor space with low headroom, few window opening, and full of brain or body motions:

  • Gym / yoga / dance / exercise room
  • Private tutor room

Or having the need of:

  • A pilot setup for property and facilities management before a large scale deployment of air monitoring network
  • Green building certification credit scoring (LEED, WELL, RESET, BEAM Plus… etc)
  • Corporate compliance or enhancement on CSR, EHS, OSHA, EGS, sustainability etc.

Scalability: Our cloud server is capable to connect unlimited number of air monitors. So you can scale up the starter kit from monitoring one zone to multiple floors in a building, and multiple buildings in multiple cities.

Limitation: It is a monitoring-only network. Although we can enable the same network to connect with wifi controllers, giving automated actions like turning on/off of vent fans or lighting. But it would not be an easy diy-setup. You may contact us for a proposal if you really need the wireless control function.

Air Monitor & Cloud Server

Our commercial grade WOOFAA Air-hound air monitor has these air quality covered: PM2.5, PM10, PM100, Carbon Dioxide, TVOC, air temperature and relative humidity. These parameters are helpful for users to see if the air quality fits for their indoor activities.

Each air monitor automatically pushes data at 1-minute interval.

The cloud server writes all incoming data into a MySQL database. The cloud server also has a web server included. You can opt for AWS or Aliyun data center. We keep the data for 90-day data log with a download button given. You would be granted a root MySQL access privileges to setup data retrieval cron job.

We will provide you a dedicated subdomain name based on woofaa.com for each purchase. You can also deploy your own domain name. We can setup the domain alias for you free of charge for the first time.

Be noted that we charge additional data fee annually from your second deployment of air monitor.

The Dashboard Display

A standard dashboard is built-in. End-user can use any smart device web browser to load the dashboard in portrait form.

Each purchase can use its own logo (in size 600 x 150 px). The dashboard is built-in switchable to show text in English, traditional or simplified Chinese. We accept customization orders for your own layout, or for a landscape form, or any other text language.

A lockable metal case (white/silver color options) for the iPad Mini with wall-mounted bracket is included. So you can display your air quality at a fixed convenient location.

iPad Mini Lockable Metal Case Wall Bracket

iPad Mini Lockable Metal Case Wall Bracket


WOOFAA integrates Internet-of-Things (IoT) & Indoor-Air-Quality (IAQ) systems for smarter automation features, and thus giving you healthier breathing air and wellness at lower energy cost.

Standalone Air Quality Monitors


Standalone Air Quality Monitors

Wireless Air Quality Monitor Networks


Wireless Air Quality Monitor Networks. Starting one-monitor-one-dashboard, scalable to multiple monitors across floors and even buildings.

Wireless Air Quality Monitor and Controller Networks


Wireless Air Quality Monitor and Controller Networks

Algal Oxygen Bar: Innovative GreenTech and PropTech on IAQ


Algal Oxygen Bar: Innovative GreenTech and PropTech on IAQ

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