Algal Oxygen Bar Leasing Service

Zero capital expense on you over a lease-then-own annual contract

WOOFAA AOB – Rent for Your Organization


Our leasing contract is fixed at 12-month in 3 installments. You will own the appliance afterward.

Within the contract period we will come monthly to change algal water and service whatever necessary. After the leasing period your local cleaning staff may takeover the water-changing task. It is as easy as serving a fresh water aquarium tank. A user manual documented the service process will be given as your formal record.

Or you can keep contracting us an annual service at 10% of the appliance price.

WOOFAA AOB – Rent for Your Organization

Use It For Advertising

The AOB comes in form of a cabinet in standard size 1950 x 450 x 300 mm, laminated wood panels mounted on a metal framework inside. Advertising film printing and wrapping services are available with your artwork design.

Two Bonus Features

1. The cabinet is equipped with a LED panel on top for dynamic contents, updated over wifi connection. Content types include real-time air quality readings like on this dashboard, and other materials in various digital  formats: image, video, web page, PDF.

Use them in locations with people traffic, such as lift lobby in carpark, mall and office. Gym room and dance hall are also good use cases as people there need more oxygen than others.

2. Our AOB can clean most indoor air pollutants, but not all, such as secondhand tobacco smoke, hydrogen sulfide & benzene.

We can make it a complete purifier by optionally add a plasma tube inside, which removes odor very efficiently with no filter replacement service needed.

We suggest this option to be added in common odor generating indoor spaces such as busy toilet, gym changing room, and fresh food market.

Check the following video to see how fast our plasma tube work against TVOC, formaldehyde and nearly all other organic and inorganic smells.