Brain Diseases Caused by Low CO2 Levels

since most brain diseases are characterized by chronic hyperventilation, there are additional effects due to low CO2 levels in the CNS
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Treat CNS/Brain Diseases Caused by Low Brain Oxygen/CO2 Levels

Treat CNS/Brain Diseases Caused by Low Brain Oxygen/CO2 Levels with Diet and Breath

By Dr. Artour Rakhimov, Alternative Health Educator and Author

Numerous Western medical studies have discovered that brain diseases (or disorders of the central nervous system – CNS) are possible only in conditions of chronic hyperventilation (the most likely scenario) or chest breathing and mouth breathing. All these respiratory deviations result in decreased levels of oxygen in the brain.

It is beyond doubt that low oxygen levels in brain cells have a profound negative effect on the function of nerve cells of the CNS, as Dr. Buteyko suggested decades ago. Brain hypoxia leads to anaerobic cellular respiration, generation of lactic acid and free radicals, acidic pH cellular environment, chronic inflammation, the inability of the immune system to heal injuries and many other negative effects (see the links to medical research below), that include possible formation of brain tumors (e.g., glioblastomas), development of plaque in the brain (leading to Alzheimer’s disease) and other brain abnormalities causing dementia and Parkinson’s.

Diseases of the CNS and brain disorders and CO2 levels

In 1976 the British Journal of Psychiatry published a study of CO2 measurements in 60 patients with neurotic depression and non-retarded endogenous depression (Mora et al, 1976). All patients had abnormally low carbon dioxide values.

Canadian scientists from the Department of Psychiatry (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg) measured carbon dioxide concentrations in over 20 patients with panic disorder. Their average CO2 was also below the medical norm (Stein & Asmundson, 1994). There are many other studies that report abnormally low CO2 values for people with various psychological and neurological problems.