Air Pollution Infographics Collection – Health Effects

The Health Effects of Air Pollution a collection of infographics get a couple tools to find out PM2.5 MonitorTVOC Monitor ; Indoor air pollution asthmatic impacts in North America Statistics in 2003 Indoor Air Quality and Your Health: Facts, Problems, Factors and...

Home Cleaner Air a Safe Haven Against Allergies

Parents’ number one concern is keeping their allergic or asthmatic kids safe and healthy with clean breathing air. But many don’t take into consideration that their home, or “safe haven,” may actually be making their little ones sick.

Dr Yip Lai Lam Knows Radon Pollution

Dr. Yip supporting WOOFAA’s business and market proposition of making “Cleaner Air for Better Health“. You just found us online, and then visited our office many times buying all our available types IAQ monitor, even included the most peculiar radon detector.