WOOFAA Project

Bespoke Environmental Management System
monitor and control as per your specific needs
Outreach Made
helping people to explore and to manage their urban microclimate
Green Wall Vitality System
Project goal is to reduce green wall maintenance cost by realtime monitoring of plant growth environment. WOOFAA Smart is used as project owner wanted a remote control function on plant lighting.

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This is a summary of special functions created in this version of WOOFAA Smart:
  • Daily photo snapshot to designated email address(es)
  • Email alerts with adjustable threshold on few environmental parameters being monitored
  • Occupancy hour log in the room, determined by lighting level of this conference room
  • Real-time photo shooting function by project owner via mobile phone
  • Real-time environmental measures be viewed via mobile phone
  • Plant light timer control, with overriding and configuration functions by project owner via mobile phone
  • Local wall-mounted light switch for conference room user to turn light on/off as needed
  • Downloadable data logs on all parameters measured for project owner to analyse plant growing vitality conditions
  • System user class and privilege management
Realtime AQHI Computation
Most 3rd-party ambient air stations can calculate AQI (air quality index) using a preset formula. But in Hong Kong, the government is correlating health risk factors to outdoor air pollutant level, and has created an unusual index system called AQHI (air quality health index).

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Therefore our mission to this project is to create a WOOFAA Air system with compliance AQHI output. Extra features added on original air station functions are:
  • Software calibration provision to each gas sensor
  • Customized user-interface fitting the reading culture in the premises
  • Customized user-interface for engineering maintenance in the back-end
  • Both user-interface be readable from PC, tablet and smart phones
  • Real-time data retrieval from a nearby official air station for AQHI figures benchmarking
  • Downloadable data logs in CSV format
  • System user class and privilege management
To ensure data reliability and credibility, we also support the project by arranging regular maintenance and sensor calibration service to the station. Sensor calibration is conducted by accredited methodology and certified span gases, compatible to government air stations.
Realtime IAQI Computation
Compliance computation of IAQI (indoor air quality index) as per Architectural Society of China publication of Healthy Building Assessment Standards (T/ASC 02-2016). Besides a WOOFAA Air system with extra index computation power, our service includes consultancy on the options and layout of air monitors in multiple-floor commercial premises scene. Yearly on-site gas sensor calibration service is also offered as per requisite of ISO 9001 compliance on operational instruments.
Bespoke Dynamic User Interface
This dynamic user-interface of WOOFAA Air shows cleaning efficiency of an advanced air handling equipment, quantitatively and visually, adding great value to its sales team making convincing customers much more easier.
Corporate Specific User-interface & Data Exchange

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User-interface of our WOOFAA Air system can always be made-to-order, fitting any specific corporate branding purpose. Our system data gateway is also versatile in terms of data exchange capability. System integration is easy with any third party digital system, from simple HTTP Post command to scale-able database system.
Product Design of Smart Air Purifier & IoT Sensor

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We are well versed in latest air purification and air sensing technologies. We are also well connected with leading component manufacturers worldwide. As long as you have an idea of what your organization is wanting, we can design your version of air purifier and air monitor. Our edge over traditional appliance designers is our in-depth knowledge to latest practices on smart home appliance functionality and IoT class sensing device capability.
3 Facts to Tell How are We Better

We are HVAC Engineers

HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It is a trade jargon to describe the profession of engineers specialized on centralized air-conditioning systems. Ambient air quality management, is in fact only a sub-set of HVAC knowledge domain. With this background you can be assured that our system can easily work alone, or as part of a centralized HVAC system.

We Know Smart Buildings

Our founder worked in world-class smart building system corporation. That kind of system is mandatory to integrate difference trades of facility services, such as fire system, access control, electrical, plumbing & drainage, and HVAC. Data exchange protocol and control algorithm are comparatively a piece of cake in WOOFAA Smart.

We know IoT & Big Data

Being a graduate of Hong Kong Science Park incubation program, we have operated many collaboration projects with expert teams on IoT (internet of things), AI (artificial intelligent) and BIg Data. That kind of exposure has made a big difference between us and other ordinary building engineers.
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