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6 Advantages Using WOOFAA Smart

WOOFAA Smart is a wireless ambient air quality management system with internet-of-things (IoT) functionality. The system is extendable from air quality management to water, light, and noise monitoring, for indoor or outdoor applications.

Breathe Better Air with Least Energy

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Pumping treated outdoor air into indoor around the clock non-stop could surely give best quality of indoor air. But the energy bill can be substantial, imagine in Winter when outdoor is snowing and indoor needs to be warm, or in Summer when outdoor is a desert and indoor needs to be cool.

WOOFAA Smart can minimize your energy bill as it can smartly control the fresh air level by monitoring BOTH indoor pollutant levels and extend of occupancy.

Energy Bill - Breathe Better Air with Least Energy

Allows Free Cooling

Free Cooling here is termed as a professional act for air-conditioning (HVAC) engineers to enable outdoor air offsetting heat loads generated indoor.

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It is the cheapest way to condition indoor air. But engineers need to know quantitatively both dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures on both sides to make sensible decision.

This control method is traditionally available only to commercial real estate projects who can afford sophisticated building automation system for the complex calculation and control sequence programming.

WOOFAA Smart is offering this kind of control function in professional grade with a household grade price tag.


Separated Sensor and Purifier

Nowadays many smart home appliances have sensor built-in for automated control. It is an advancement over traditional ones.

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WOOFAA Smart is taking one step further for finest environmental control, that is to allowing separation of sensor and air treatment appliance.

Imagine an air purifier is placed 3 meter away from you in a corner. It may turn itself off when it decided the air is clean enough, while you are actually just light up a cigarette or open a box of dusty parcel. If it is an office environment the time lagging would even be much greater due to bigger space.

WOOFAA Smart is minimizing the time lag for the appliance in response to pollution.

Use Existing Appliance

WOOFAA Smart can use your existing air handling equipment to smartly improve your indoor air quality, be it a simple household electric fan in living room or in toilet or in kitchen, air conditioner, humidifier, dehumidifier, air heater or the likes.

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WOOFAA Smart can take over their original controls through power switching or infrared remote signals.

Simply speaking, if as long as your appliance has an infrared remote controller or on on/off switching control, it can become part of the WOOFAA Smart system.

Turning Dumb to Smart

WOOFAA Smart turns your transitional ventilation fan in toilet and basement easily with smart features like timer, as needed, or as an assisting tool when your other space outside toilet is detected with heavy pollution.

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Our system also comes with combustible gas detector, which not only can give audible and visual alerts on site, but to relay alerts to smart phones.

WOOFAA Smart can also interlock motorized windows and curtains, and deciding open or close action in accordance to indoor air quality.

Wireless Installation

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Our monitoring and control signals are transmitted via 2.4 GHz wireless Zigbee mesh protocol. It can be zero electrician work to deploy our system.
6 Reasons Why You Need WOOFAA Smart


Built to Control

The system comprises four key components:

An air quality monitoring device on multiple air pollutant types:

PM2.5, PM10, Formaldehyde, VOCs, Carbon Dioxide, Air Temperature and Relative Humidity.

WOOFAA Smart is scaleable to deploy from one Dog, to a couple hundreds within a network.

As the Dog runs on wireless Zigbee not much electrican work is required. Your network can be expanded in phases.

WOOFAA Smart Cloud Server

Other Zigbee Devices

On top of a WOOFAA Dog there are other peripheral devices from the same Zigbee family to complete goal for IAQ automation: electric power socket, wall switch, motorized actuator, infrared transmitter, combustible gas detector, flood detector, door contact, occupancy sensors… tens of options.

WOOFAA Smart is scaleable from one Dog, to tens of nodes within a network.

WOOFAA Smart Cloud Server

Zigbee Gateway

Smart Network Base (SNB) is a Linux machine with proprietary automation software correlating what to control when measures show a problem.

It is of palm size and be connected with your local router to enable system management by your smart phone from anywhere in the world.

WOOFAA Smart Cloud Server

Smart Phone APP

The APP is free to use with no limitation on number of user.

Custom-arranged user interface is available and manageable by system owner to individual users.

The APP supports multi-site, multi-sensor, multi-user, and advanced control logics. Our engineers will setup everything to your specifications.

For end-user, the APP is as easy as using Whatsapp, Twitter or the likes.

A Conventional Ceiling-mounted Air Purifier

Becomes Smart with WOOFAA Smart

Turn this dumb equipment into a smart device within an one-hour

More than Just Power On/Off

See on next section how an ordinary household air purifier work as a smart machine.

In this example, WOOFAA Smart is capable to not only power on and off, but also changing fan speed, as well as toggle change to ionizer function. Timer control from WOOFAA Smart is also a standard feature given in no extra fee.

Household Use Case: Place our WOOFAA Dog next to a baby cradle. A purifier 2 meters away will be turned up only when pollutant is detected or temperature too hot. Otherwise the fan stays in lowest speed for minimal noise to baby.

Commerical Use Case: In a space facilitated with centralized air conditioning circuits, place our WOOFAA Dog in most-occupied zone. In case of carbon dixoide found too high, WOOFAA Smart can do few things depending on adoption of system owner:

  • Turns on nearby booster fans to stir air from other zone averaging lower CO2 level.
  • Turns on in steps standby ventilation fan for the zone to import fresh and filtered outdoor air for direct dilution.
  • Send an alert to personnels in charge. Daily data log is available in APP on each of the measuring air quality parameter for their trouble shooting.

WOOFAA Smart for Industrial Workshops

Smart Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Control System for office zone adjacent to workshop, production floor, garage, and hangar.

Drown in Polluted City?

Get WOOFAA Smart to automatize your indoor air cleaning job, round the clock.

Contact our local Solution Partner to learn your specifics and to customize you a best-fit solution.

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