Easy Green Building Credits on Indoor Planting

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WOOFAA AOB needs only one-tenth floor space versus conventional greenwall and planting area
WOOFAA Algal Oxygen Bar for Green Building Credits

BEAM Plus Interiors Commercial, Retail and Institutional Submission Template for IEQ 2 - Indoor Planting

Version 1.0 (2013.08)


Improve the indoor air quality and enhance the productivity.


Plant species shall be carefully selected, and suited for indoor environment


  1. The minimum density is one large plant (300mm pot) or two small plants (200mm pot) per two workstations;
  2. Green wall of at least 5m2 is provided;
  3. Horticultural Maintenance Plan shall be in place for effective communication and ensure the health of the plants is maintained;
  4. No herbicides and pesticides are applied to the plants;
  5. No electricity, from fossil fuelled generation, is used to maintain and for the growth of the plants.
NASA Photobioreactor System in Spacecraft


There are many benefits for indoor planting, plants not only bring a feeling of refreshment to the occupants, but also absorb indoor pollutants such as carbon dioxide. In return they emit oxygen in the surroundings and help in cleansing the indoor air.

According to some research studies, offices with indoor planting can reduce the rate of absenteeism and enhance in the creativity and productive of the employees.

Barriers to Adopt

Using microalgae to replace torrential plants is innovative. It will need some great effort to convince and to be endorsed as an authorized alternative method of indoor planting.

Is that worth the effort? Green building consultants may work with client to consider from the follow two facts:

  1. Microalgae can serve exactly the same objective of this IEQ Credit.
  2. Microalgae appliance needs much smaller floor area, may be one-tenth, to produce the same photosynthesis results (decompose carbon dioxide and create oxygen simultaneously) of torrential plants.
Easy Green Building Credits on Indoor Planting – BEAM Plus Interiors