How Cold Plasma Removes Smells and Germs

How Cold Plasma Removes Smells and Germs decomposing unpleasant odor in changing room and toilet smells WOOFAA adopted plasma tech in its algal appliance for public toilets Rent a WOOFAA AOB ; Plasmas are conductive assemblies of charged and neutral particles. Plasmas...

Direct Air Capture of Carbon Dioxide Greenhouse Gas

Only the direct removal of CO2 from the air, or “direct air capture” (DAC), can actually reduce the global atmospheric CO2 concentration. The past decade has seen a steep rise in the use of chemical sorbents that are cycled through sorption and desorption cycles for CO2 removal from ultradilute gases such as air.

CO2 fixation using Microalgal Systems

Microalgae consist of a group of highly diverse and fast-growing microorganisms, capable of photoautotrophy, heterotrophy, and mixotrophy. They can be cultivated on non-fertile land with unit CO2 fixation capacity 10–50 times higher than terrestrial plants.

Review of NASA Microalgae Photobioreactor System

NASA is currently planning human spaceflight missions with longer durations than ever before. Closed-loop technologies, specifically photosynthetic algal photobioreactors, can offer multiple functions such as air revitalization (CO2 absorption and O2 provision) and thermal control with less launch mass and volume for long-duration flights.

US EPA Confirms Air Pollution Contributes to Cause of Death

Increased concentrations of PM2·5 and traffic-related air pollution within metropolitan areas, in ranges commonly encountered worldwide, are associated with progression in coronary calcification, consistent with acceleration of atherosclerosis. This study supports the case for global efforts of pollution reduction in prevention of cardiovascular diseases.