Combat against airborne infection  using germicidal air sterilizer

Air Sterilization

WHO has confirmed that COVID-19 is airborne and can remain suspended in air for hours! “Airborne precautions” alert is now activated.

Germicidal air purifier efficiently captures aerosol and droplets suspended in air, and kills any  bacteria and virus in split second.

Our sterilizers are suitable for different usages: from personal space, bathrooms, to large offices.

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Remove harmful microbes on desks, door handles, and toys

Surface Disinfectant

The New England Journal of Medicine has confirmed that COVID-19 can last up to 3 days on plastic and stainless steel. People may acquire the virus through the air and after touching contaminated objects.

UC Disinfectant is a food-grade gaseous Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) solution. It is a superior alternative to traditional bleach, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide & hypochlorous acid water.

Gaseous Chlorine Dioxide has been classified by US EPA (List N) as a disinfectant for use against SARS-CoV-2.

UC50 Medical Grade Disinfectant Better Than Bleach Alcohol H2O2

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Save your portion of HK$3.84B money you might be contributing

for the medical cost (COI, cost-of-illness) Hong Kong has been paying yearly as a result of bad air quality <ref>,⁣ in only THREE simple steps:

(1) Measure、(2) Purify、(3) own healthy breathing air and live better in your home and workplace.
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