Smart Sensor AR8200 Carbon Dioxide Detector


Using electro-chemical sensor instead of NDIR infrared type in most others. So it gives higher accuracy (0.1% vs 5%) and faster response time (50s vs 120s). Built-in audio and visual alerts. Measure range: 350~9999 ppm.

Unlimited email and whatsapp support. One-year warranty in Hong Kong.

SMART SENSOR AR8200 carbon dioxide detector can real-time monitor carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in air with an electrochemical grade sensor component. It is suit for self indoor air quality (IAQ) management.

There are two main reasons lead to high indoor CO2 concentration: too crowded or poor ventilation. Indoor CO2 concentration in office building usually not exceed 1,000 ppm, except conference room. However, it is always higher than 1,000 ppm in classroom. It exceeds 3,000 ppm sometimes.

Such a high level of carbon dioxide, although it is not pose a danger to life, it will affect people’s thinking and decision-making ability. When carbon dioxide concentration exceeded 1,000 ppm, participants in nine tests, six results decreased significantly. When carbon dioxide concentration higher than 2,500 ppm, test results even worse. Therefore, in order to ensure the work and study efficiency, it used to ensure regular indoor ventilation.

EPA recommends carbon dioxide value should below 1,000 ppm. When indoor CO2 concentrations higher than 800 ppm, people will feel uncomfortable, tiring, or headache. Higher than 1,000 ppm can affect respiratory, circulatory and brain functions, and even vomiting. It is suggested that before the improvement of these places, the public should try to go as far as possible, or select less crowded time to go or go outdoors every time when uncomfortable.

Carbon dioxide is the gas produced by human respiration. When it is crowded and poor air flow, it will lead to high concentration of carbon dioxide. In addition to department stores, shops, museums, classrooms with closed doors and windows, stadium gathered by students, activity center, or people crowded amusement centers are easy to have air circulation problems.

As lack of oxygen, faces of people become red when ventilation is not good. During cold weather in winter, besides closing doors and windows, people will open the heater which increase the consumption of oxygen. Remember to maintain air circulation, if dizziness, breathing is not smooth symptoms appears, please go outdoor.

SMART SENSOR AR8200 uses ergonomic design and electro-chemical sensor technology. Accurate, reliable, durable, waterproof and dust-proof. It is an ideal personal protective equipment.


  • Detective gas: Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Measuring range: 350~9,999 ppm
  • Deviation: less than ± 0.1%
  • Resolution: 1 ppm
  • Response time: less than 50 seconds
  • Recovery time: less than 50 seconds
  • Sensor principle: electro-chemical sensor
  • Alarm: double alarm with sound and light. (up to 80 dB) You can set alarm value.
  • Working environment temperature: -10 ~ 40 ℃
  • Working environment humidity: 0 ~ 95% RH
  • Life-span: 2 years


  • Power: 3 x 1.5V AA batteries
  • Weight: 148 g
  • Size: 159 x 66 x 31 mm
  • Packing: Color box packaging

What impact if carbon dioxide in body is high?

If carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration is high in body, oxygen will diffuse out of the capillary hemoglobin and replaced by carbon dioxide. Originally, carbon dioxide is stable and non-toxic. If there is high content of CO2, it will lead to hypoxia, suffocation and even death.


Gas detector is an instrument tool of gas concentration, mainly refers to portable / handheld gas monitor. It contains different gas sensors detect the composition and content of the gases.