Time Machine Palm Size Anion Air Purifier


This purifier has complex filters with HEPA, PM2.5, activated carbon and anion purifying technique. Combined active and passive purification, absorb formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants and can kill bacteria and viruses directly. Color is randomly picked if no specific is given, or your specific is not available.

Unlimited email and whatsapp support. One-year self-pick warranty in Hong Kong.

This purifier has composite filter layers as HEPA, activated charcoal and anion purifying techniques. Its combines active and passive purification to remove formaldehyde, benzene and other pollutants.

Anion is sedative, hypnotic, analgesic, lower blood pressure. After thunderstorm, people will feel more comfortable because anion in air increase.

Time Machine (HCC5613) can generate 3 million anions per second. It created an almost sterile space within 1 cubic meter area. It can remove harmful substances in the air. Anions can attract bacteria, pollen and other particles with positive charge. This increased the weight of the pollutants and thus losing the ability.

  • Fashionable design, leading the trend of life.
  • Composite filtration panel, decompose odors and harmful gases. 99.97% removal rate on PM2.5.
  • Unique honeycomb filter structure ensure fast and smooth purification.
  • Built-in fan. Active absorption improve purification efficiency.
  • Built-in anion generator. Fresh air everywhere.
  • USB 5V DC input. Easy to use.
  • Multi-purposed machine. Indoor and car air purification with USB charger.
  • Small size. Easy to carry.
Time Machine Palm Size Anion Air Purifier
Time Machine Palm Size Anion Air Purifier

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