Pelucchi KJ500 Intelligent Air Purifier

$5,980.00 $4,580.00

Pelucchi air purifier is designed by a famous Italian designer. It adopts a variety of advanced technologies such as minimalist design style, sophisticated structural system, double-sided air inlet filtration system, automatic tilt protection and child safety lock. Test index of Pelucchi air purifier is better than the national standard, suitable for air solutions of home and office.
* Online App control, unlimited instrument share.
** Filter replace light (remaining below 10%: blink slowly; below 5%: blink quickly; equal 0: red light on)

Unlimited email and whatsapp support. One-year self-pick warranty in Hong Kong.

Product Parameter:

  • CADR (PM): 500m3/h
  • Area: 35-60m2
  • Sound: <68dB
  • Power: 60w
  • 4 Speed
  • Timer
  • Turbo Mode
  • PM2.5 + VOC Display


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