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Air Monitors

A collection of ambient air quality monitors is listed here serving for different purposes. A few of them have very high value/price ratio for general use.

The others are of professional grade air monitors, with functions like faster response time, networkability, specific industrial gas type, and sensor calibration function, which are often needed by commercial deployment.

Room with Smog

Get to know if your space has been thoroughly cleaned, by using BLATN 126, a handheld type gas detector with PM2.5, formaldehyde sensors and more.

Make sure it reads below 35 ug/m3 in your place. Lower the figure is better.

City with Smog

Need to know instantly on mobile phone if any of your shops in the city are affected by smogs or heavy smoke?

With WOOFAA Air-Wifi, you can have a remote monitoring system deployed in 15-min, unlimited number of air monitor can be added.

Cloud-data-logging and online sensor calibrtion services are available for your management or even as legal reference.

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Air Monitors

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Addressing the needs for individuals, households and corporations

Editor’s Choice: Milesight AM107

Quantify your risk of COVID-19 airborne infection by this air monitor, using CO2 as a proxy indicator <ref>. Display an alert sign if the infection risk is high (set at 1200 ppm as per international guidences, adjustable by end-user)  due to too many people around. Good for people often go around town meeting people

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