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WOOFAA Air is a simple IAQ (indoor air quality) monitoring solution. It comprises of wireless air quality monitors, and simple data visualization server. The server is deployable either on cloud as a SaaS, or on premises for corporate data privacy compliance.

Click the above button to find out live data feed of indoor air quality in our warehouse. Relative Humidity is indeed the prime monitoring parameter over others, like Carbon Dioxide & PM2.5 and as such in a storage space:

WOOFAA Air Demo Dashboard

System Design

System Architecture

  • One 220V AC fused-spur or power socket unit per IAQ monitor location
  • WIFI Network Option #W1: Use existing WLAN with port forwarding privilege (default: 80 & 4007)
  • WIFI Network Option #W2: WOOFAA to build an independent WLAN infrastructure with optional 4G connectivity
  • WOOFAA Software Deployment Option #S1: On an Ubuntu computer provided by WOOFAA
  • WOOFAA Software Deployment Option #S2: On an Ubuntu Virtual Machine provided by client
  • WOOFAA Software Deployment Option #S3: On AWS managed by WOOFAA as a SaaS service

Edge Devices

There are three types of WIFI-based air monitors available for WOOFAA Air as edge devices:

  • WOOFAA Bcon: Best value/price ratio for low cost deployment.
  • WOOFAA Hound: Similar to Bcon with an endorsement certificate by RESET.
  • WOOFAA Cee: Configurable gas-type options for industrial gas monitoring.

All of these three edge devices send data to server via WIFI or Modbus. They all accept direct 220V AC power supply, or optionally others, for easy installation on saving a junction box to house AC/DC adaptor.

System Design

Configurable Dashboard

WOOFAA Air comes with a standard dashboard for easy deployment. Likely the standard dashboard is good enough for most clients. Further customization request is welcome.

Multiple Devices

You may need to monitor IAQ in multiple zones and floors. This dashboard allows you to review them all from one single dashboard.

Raw Data Logs

Raw IAQ data are stored in MYSQL in our data server. Daily CSV file can be easily downloaded in 2-click. Hot data storage on cloud SaaS mode is last 90-day, or 5-year in on-premises WOOXAR server.

WOOFAA Air Dashboard Explained

Dashboard Configurable Options:

  • A: Custom device / zone names per order
  • B: Custom logo per order
  • C: Custom background image per order / device / zone
  • D: Select from multiple devices
  • E: Select from multiple zones
  • F: Time-stamp of last update per device / zone
  • G: Click to switch language
  • H: Custom normal/alart/alarm thresholds & text colors per order
  • J: CSV raw data download per day on all devices

Multi-lingual UI

By default the dashboard is available in three user-interface languages. Customization requests are welcome.

Easy Upgrade

Basic version of our data server WOOXAR can support up to some 20 edges devices. By upgrading the hardware of WOOXAR to Intel-i7 and 8GB RAM, the system capacity jumps to 1,000+ edge devices.

You may also request to upgrade the standard webpage dashboard to a Google Flutter application so to create private APP for Android & iOS, and responsive table/desktop user-interfaces. With much advanced device/user/alert management functionality.

Use Cases / Job References

Gym Room · Club House · Restaurant

WOOFAA Air Indoor Air Quality Dashboard in Gym Room

Tell People Your Value-added

Recently built gym rooms and club houses are often designed with adequate fresh air input in respect to their room functionality.

Ventilation rates in hot-pot and BBQ type of restaurants are also ample if having in compliance to local legislations too.

So you should let people visualize how good your indoor air quality as a value-adding incentive to their return visits.

Job References: Mont Rouge, RESIGLOW, 10 LaSalle, Living Corner (multiple retail outlets)

Lift Lobby · Banquet Room

WOOFAA Air Pacific Place Mall Swire Properties

Measure so You can Control

For indoor spaces with a dynamic occupancy, it is hard to judge by just observations on types of air contaminants and their respective severity. WOOFAA Air is here to quantify the problem so you can plan remedies more accurately and thus cost effectively.

We also have household customers who just want to remotely monitor the air quality of their kids at home are breathing.

Job References: premises owners who care breathing health of their stakeholders.

Do you?

WELL · Fitwel · RESET

WOOFAA Air-RHT Zonal Heatmap

Certification Compliance

Different green building certification schemes may have procedural variations. But in principle they are very much similar in terms of air quality parameters to monitor, their thresholds and need of regular data log record submission.

WOOFAA Air may be the lowest-cost/score measures you can ever get from market.

Job References: in confidentiality restriction

Elderly House · Campus · Factory

WOOFAA Air @Forward Living

Environmental Governance

Environmental, social, and corporate governance is an approach to evaluating the extent to which a corporation works on behalf of social goals that go beyond the role of a corporation to maximize profits on behalf of the corporation’s shareholders.

WOOFAA Air is one of your must-have tools to faciliate quantitative qualification of your ESG metrics, in a sustainable and on-going manner.

Job References: English School Foundation (multiple campus), Hongkong Land HQ, Forward Living, few F&B groups…

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for the medical cost (COI, cost-of-illness) Hong Kong has been paying yearly as a result of bad air quality <ref>,⁣ in only THREE simple steps:

(1) Measure、(2) Purify、(3) own healthy breathing air and live better in your home and workplace.
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