Use them to Clean Air,
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Air Purifiers

They are machines that clean the air. We call them purifiers instead just air cleaners, because they not only can clean dust, but also gaseous pollutants and even airborne germs too.

WOOFAA bring you a collection of quality purifiers fitting various needs.

An easy way to find a suitable machine size is to check its maximum air flow rate. Generally speaking a 20 CMH flow rate machine will fit for a 200 square feet room.

Stop Influenza Cross-infection

Not every air purifiers in market for households and office,  are equipped with an ultra-violet tube for air sterilization. This UV-C tube works 100+ times more efficient than other typical  HEPA or composite filters in killing germs.

If your office or home has been vulnerable during the COVID-19 era or the circulate year-round flu season, yielding high level of absenteeism, you need this machine.

City Air Pollution

When you have a large interior space, don’t expect a household grade purifer can clean your air efficiently. Use commercial grade machines to clean your place within hours or days, not weeks.

Our high capacity air purifiers use clean-room grade filter (H13 / ISO 35H or MERV 17) to clean both PM2.5 fine dust, VOCs including formaldehyde, and all kinds of odors.

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Air Purifiers

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