Thank you Dr. Yip supporting WOOFAA’s business and market proposition of making “Cleaner Air for Better Health“. You just found us online, and then visited our office many times buying all our available types IAQ monitor, even included the most peculiar radon detector : D

Dr Yip Lai Lam Supports Cleaner Air for Better Health

Your passion to care the Earth has been touching us. Your stories of your previous years in environment protection are inspiring.

About Dr. David Yip Lai Lam: A pioneer academic environmentalist in Hong Kong. He taught Environmental Education in The Sir Robert Black College of Education (柏立基教育學院) for some 15 years in the 70’s, seeded the bed of Earth loving advocates. Before his retirement he lectured General Education (通識課程) in University of Hong Kong, as well as other tertiary institutes over a wide range of subjects.