WOOFAA Air Wifi - Starter Kit

This kit (WFACW2C) contains:

  • One wifi-enabled air quality monitor on 100~240 VAC power supply
  • One preconfigured Apple iPad Mini
  • One lockable iPad metal protective case with wall-mounted bracket
  • One cloud data service license perpetual for the above equipment, unlimited data traffic

We ship worldwide.

Use Cases

People typically use WOOFAA Air Wifi for either purposes:

  1. to show off how GOOD the indoor air quality is adding value to the property, or
  2. to find out how BAD it is quantitatively before spending on any remedy action.

Or do it in the third category, professional  compliance:

  • Green building certification credit scoring (LEED, WELL, RESET, BEAM Plus… etc)
  • Corporate compliance or enhancement on CSR, EHS, OSHA, EGS, sustainability etc.


Four Competencies

We call them competencies because these capabilities are indeed rare to get from others in market.

  • On-line and on-site calibration. Any third-party authoritative instruments can be used. Thus, you need not to de-mount sensors every year for the annual adjustment as required by ISO 9001 or GB/T 19001.
  • Data privacy. Optional to engage manufacturer’s cloud platform. Data can be sent directly to client’s server for best corporate privacy policy.
  • Certificated. Hardware is certified by CE and RESET in compliance to WELL international green building standards.
  • Direct AC electric power connectivity. No need of power adapter, it largely reduces installation cost to mount devices on walls or ceiling.


  1. Standard dashboard. End-user can use any smart device web browser to load a standard dashboard in portrait form.
  2. Your logo. Each purchase can use its own logo (in size 600 x 150 px).
  3. Multilingual UI. Ready to be switchable by click/touch showing text in English, traditional or simplified Chinese. Alternative language can be used as a customization request. Alternative language can be adopted as a customization request.
  4. RESTful API. Json service ready for use and and test (on UTC time stamp)
  5. Instant Deployment. A lockable wall/desk-mounted metal case (white/silver color options) with an iPad Mini are included.