STEM 教育微藻光生物反應器套件


於培養微藻的實驗級光生物反應器 STEM 教育套件。其中包括 50 升淡水微藻培養物,和一瓶足以一年用的營養液。該套件可直接使用,即插即用。

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STEM Educational Kit Microalgae Photobioreactor


An experimental grade photobioreactor kit for the culturing of microalgae. 50L of fresh water microalgae culture and a bottle of nutrient liquid enough for one-year consumption are included. The kit is ready to use straight out of the box plug-and-play.


  • Size: D30*100H+80*80*150H cm, < 40kg, < 0.6 m3
  • Fluid volume: < 60L
  • Air-revitalization power: < 9 forest tree (ref)
  • Two LED Light Stripes with Timer control
  • Aeration Pump
  • Power supply: 100~240V AC, < 80W
  • Microalgae Fluid (Euglena, valued:$2,000) 20L included
  • Microalgal Nutrients 200ml (one year consumption, valued HK$500) included
  • User manual and on-site commissioning service is included

Maintenance Provision

  1. Monthly water changing:
    • Drain 1/3 ~ 1/2 of algae fluid to a bucket. Add few drops of bleach into bucket to inactivate living microalgae cells before pouring the fluid into drainage
    • Refill tank with direct tap water (in Hong Kong only). If there is an unusual strong smell of Chlorine in  the tap water, fill it into a bucket first and then use the water after some 12 hours
  2. Clean the tank surfaces as needed
  3. Monthly nutrient feed: ~10ml
STEM Educational Kit Microalgae Photobioreactor
STEM 教育微藻光生物反應器套件


Microalgae are simple photosynthetic organisms that use light energy, CO2 and inorganic salts for their growth. Microalgae have high photosynthetic efficiency, about 10~50 times more than other plants.

Microalgae are seen as the most promising flexible feedstock, being considered the crop of the future. They grow fast. They contain high value ingredients, such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and others (carotenoids and polymers). Thus, they can be produced for a wide range of markets, including human and animal nutrition, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and biofuels.

STEM Educational Kit Microalgae Photobioreactor

School Curriculum References:

1. The Algae Academy (web)

A unique K-12 module that teaches the fundamentals of algae and how algae can be applied as a solution for today’s global dilemmas. This STEM kit includes everything needed for students to grow algae in their classroom: daily lesson plans; laboratory supplies, live algae and the additional consumables needed to complete the curriculum. The Algae Academy curriculum is age specific with different objectives for elementary, middle, and high school classes.

2. Algae to Energy: Optimizing Systems (web)

The concept of utilizing fast-growing, high-lipid content microalgae to produce renewable liquid transportation fuels has first garnered attention in 1960. Investments by industrial and government sectors into “green energy” alternatives to fossil fuels over the last decade greatly advanced research and technological development of sustainable, land-based biofuel crops.

However, at present, the development of novel microalgae biotechnologies is required to realize and evaluate the scaled-up, full-potential of microalgal energy systems – future technologic leaps likely conceived or discovered, years from now, by present day STEM students.

Grade Level

This project is designed for students in grades 9-12 in introductory to advanced biology, environmental science and engineering courses and can be modified for student in grades 7-16.

Full Manual includes all files that follow:

  • Teacher Manual
  • Student Background
  • Student Lab
  • Quantifying Algae Growth
  • Algae Color Identification Chart

Key Content Areas: Photosynthesis, Renewable Energy, Experiment Design, Bioenergy Production, Engineering

3. Synthetic Biology – Microalgae Purification System (web)

We thought about applying synthetic biology to develop a photobioreactor system consisting of microalgae (or cyanobacteria) with a few kinds of enzymes produced by genetically engineered Bacillus subtilis. The system is more efficient in improving indoor air quality than traditional air purifiers which are unable to remove CO2 and VOCs.

4. Microalgae Cultivation Extension Free Online Short-course (ACES) (web1 | web2)

5. Algae Education and the Future of Bioeconomy (web)

6. The Algae Technology Educational Consortium (web)


重量40 kg
尺寸80 × 80 × 150 cm