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威發環境空驗系統 (WIFI 版) 入門套件

符合 WELL v2 LEED v4 的空氣監測要求

In compliance to WELL v2 CONCEPTS / AIR / FEATURE A08

Air Quality Monitoring and Awareness
Monitor indoor air quality issues as well as inform and educate individuals on the quality of the indoor environment.

2 points

In compliance to LEED BD+C: New Construct | v4

Enhanced indoor air quality strategies – Additional enhanced IAQ strategies – Carbon dioxide monitoring

Monitor CO2 concentrations within all densely occupied spaces. CO2 monitors must be between 3 and 6 feet (900 and 1 800 millimeters) above the floor. CO2 monitors must have an audible or visual indicator or alert the building automation system if the sensed CO2 concentration exceeds the setpoint by more than 10%. Calculate appropriate CO2 setpoints using methods in ASHRAE 62.1–2010, Appendix C.

1 point


具有Wifi功能的7合1 IAQ監視器RESET空氣認證的B級監視器

Our WOOFAA Air-hound air monitor has these air quality covered: PM2.5, PM10, PM100, Carbon Dioxide, TVOC, air temperature and relative humidity. These parameters are helpful for users to see if the air quality fits for their indoor activities.

Each air monitor automatically pushes data at 1-minute interval.

The cloud server writes all incoming data into a MySQL database. The cloud server also has a web server included. You can opt for AWS or Aliyun data center. We keep the data for 90-day data log with a download button given. You would be granted a root MySQL access privileges to setup data retrieval cron job.

We will provide you a dedicated subdomain name based on woofaa.com for each purchase. You can also deploy your own domain name. We can setup the domain alias for you free of charge for the first time.

Be noted that we charge additional data fee annually from your second deployment of air monitor.

威發環境空驗系統 (WIFI 版) 入門套件


A standard dashboard is built-in the iPad Mini. End-user can use any smart device web browser to load the dashboard in portrait form.

Each purchase can use its own logo (in size 600 x 150 px). The dashboard is built-in switchable to show text in English, traditional or simplified Chinese. We accept customization orders for your own layout, or for a landscape form, or any other text language.

A lockable metal case (white/black color options) for the iPad Mini with wall-mounted bracket is included. So you can display your air quality at a fixed convenient location.