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Air Pollution Infographics Collection – Health Effects

Collection of infographics on Indoor Air Quality and Health: Facts, Problems, Factors and Solutions. The Value of Cleanliness in Offices – Clean facilities are not just a cost. They generate revenue.

Home Cleaner Air a Safe Haven Against Allergies

Home Cleaner Air a Safe Haven Against Allergies

Parents’ number one concern is keeping their allergic or asthmatic kids safe and healthy with clean breathing air. But many don’t take into consideration that their home, or “safe haven,” may actually be making their little ones sick.

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Save your portion of HK$3.84B money you might be contributing

for the medical cost (COI, cost-of-illness) Hong Kong has been paying yearly as a result of bad air quality <ref>,⁣ in only THREE simple steps:

(1) Measure、(2) Purify、(3) own healthy breathing air and live better in your home and workplace.
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