Project Job References

partial listing of our project job references on either direct selling from WOOFAA, or through solution partners and distributors
Hong Kong Solution Partner XASER < >


wireless air quality monitoring

A WOOFAA Air-7 network is deployed over multiple floors in the PP Mall of Swire Properties. Indoor air quality data are monitored in an on-going manner at strategic locations. The data are wirelessly fed to its centralized building management system (BMS) for automatic remediation action in its HVAC facility, for the sake of a continuous supply of quality indoor air.


Pacific Place Mall

A WOOFAA Air-hound network is deployed in multiple campus of ESF. Typically they are monitoring both indoor and outdoor air quality. Their EHS (Environmental Health & Safety) Team has developed proprietary analytic tools for alerts and insights. Our IAQ data are integrated into their system seamlessly as a vendor IoT system.


English Schools Foundation

Daikin launched a new series of ceiling-mounted air purifiers. They wanted to visualize the cleanliness between outdoor and inside their pro-shop. That is where WOOFAA Air-7 could help.



A MNC HQs in a Grade-A office tower in Central Hong Kong deployed some two dozens wireless IAQ monitors across multiple floors. This WOOFAA Air-hound network allows staff to access nearby IAQ real-time measures using any smart phone web browser. No APP installation  fuss was ever happened. This makes a good example of green data transparency in corporate healthy workplace sustainability.


中環 交易廣場 寫字樓 室內空氣監測

New World Group cares the indoor air quality in their premises. They pioneered data openness in this regard by deploying an on-going air quality monitoring system WOOFAA Air-7, and displaying the data in 24/7 real-time to public at New World Tower, Central, Hong Kong.




wireless air quality monitoring & control

100storage wants to keep their warehouse dry to avoid molding. But they didn’t know how dry was dry enough to achieve the goal. WOOFAA knows the molding humidity thresholds, and deployed WOOFAA Smart to control humidity out of the molding zone with minimal amount of energy.

In first month of deployment we saved 50% of their energy bill with low risk of molding.


貨倉用最少電保持最低濕度 | 防霉除濕

Studio in general has a dynamic occupancy. No exception in this 4000 square feet multiple-room unit, in which majority of its working hours has only few people but at times there could be dozens.

Other interesting facts include their working hours are 24/7/365, and people might smoke regardless the rooms are full of no-smoking signs. So conventional ventilation system by timer or manual control were inadequate.

WOOFAA Smart automated the control of ventilation rate by detecting the PM2.5,  carbon dioxide and TVOC levels , made sure ventilating rate in sync with occupancy, and avoided energy wastage.



ARIIX’ Puritii Air is a conventional standalone type air purifier, equipped with an infrared remote controller. Its owner wanted to have more fun on it. So we connected it with a WOOFAA Dog, a wireless air quality monitor, and got the Dog to automatically control the Puritii, whenever the indoor PM2.5 or CO2 level hit on its predefined thresholds. From that setup we could indeed control vent fans and window curtains if wanted.


Independent Distributor of ARIIX Puritii Air

Your room is crowded with people. You have a natural call for more fresh air. But what if the outdoor air is smoggy, or you do not have a window to open at all? This is where DOAS comes to play. With WOOFAA DCV, operation of a DOAS becomes automated. The air change rate is linked to the CO2 or PM2.5 level. So it avoids energy wastage on part load situations.


Dedicated Outdoor Air System

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