Explosion-proof Smartphone Ex-SP12II

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Ex-SP12II has passed IIC level explosion-proof certification and can be safely used in working environment with explosive hazards. Designed to provide critical protection for petroleum practitioners, chemical engineers, pharmaceutical industry personnel, military personnel, natural gas pipeline operators, oil depot staff, tank farm operators, and others.

The back of the smartphone are available in gray matte or black glossy finishes, and will be shipped randomly when placing an order.

5-year explosion-proof certificate included. Lead Time 7-14 days.

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Why explosion-proof smartphones?

The working environment of high-risk industries involving petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, military industry, natural gas pipelines, oil depots, and tank farms are prone to the accumulation of explosive gases. Typical smartphones may trigger fires or explosions in these scenarios, seriously endangering lives and property. The explosion-proof mobile phone has passed IIC level explosion-proof safety certification and can be safely used in working environments with explosion risks, providing crucial protection for users.

Advantages of chossing explosion-proof smartphone:
  1. Safety first: Explosion-proof smartphones have passed strict explosion-proof certification, reducing the risk of explosions and fires and protecting users’ lives.
  2. Comply with regulations: Using non-explosion-proof phones in hazardous environments may violate regulations or standard operating procedures, while explosion-proof smartphones ensure that your operations are still in compliance.
  3. Improve efficiency: Having reliable communication tools in hazardous environments can increase productivity and prevent the unexpected from happening when it matters most.
  4. Durability: Explosion-proof smartphones are designed to be rugged and able to withstand extreme environments, offering prolonged life and durability.
  5. Multi-functional: In addition to basic functions, Ex-SP12II also has practical functions such as cameras, GPS and wireless communications to meet a variety of needs.

Explosion-proof smartphone is an essential tool for professionals working in hazardous environments. Not only it ensures life safety but also provides high efficiency and reliability. If you are working in these industries, do not hesitate to equip an explosion-proof smartphone to ensure that your work and life are safer.

Who needs explosion-proof smartphone?

Oil workers: Workers in hazardous environments such as oil wells and drilling platforms.
Chemical Engineer: Professionals handling hazardous chemicals.
Pharmaceutical industry workers: Protection is needed during the pharmaceutical production process.
Military personnel: Used in military compounds and combat scenarios.
Natural Gas Pipeline Operator: Workers handling natural gas delivery systems.
Oil depot staff who are responsible for the operation and management of the oil depot.
Tank Operator: Workers who operates and monitors storage tanks.

Weight 0.175 kg
Dimensions 7.47 × 0.745 × 16.34 cm