UVGI Glasses Mouse Sterilizer Smartphone Germicidal


This portable sterilizer uses two bacteria-zapping UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) disinfectant lamps, coupled with a tiny fan inside to ensure ionized air will be circulated in whole of your smartphone. The direct UVGI and ionized air eliminate germs up to 99.9% of bacteria and virus.

Extraordinary 33 mm inner chamber depth allows you to sterilize with versatility.

UVGI Smartphone Sterilizer Glasses Sanitizer – The portable sterilizer uses two bacteria-zapping UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) disinfectant lamps, coupled with a tiny fan inside to ensure ionized air will be circulated in whole of your smartphone. The direct UVGI and ionized air eliminate germs up to 99.9% of bacteria and virus.

  • Simple Operation – Press button once then it runs 5-minute automatically. If the lip is open during the operation, the lamps and fan are cut off to avoid the chance of direct irradiation.
  • Large sanitizing space – The sterilizer can house smartphones up to 7 inches such as iPhone Samsung Nexus LG Motorola Sony HTC Huawei etc. Great for iPods, MP3 players, Bluetooth earphones, toothbrushes, watches, toys, pacifiers, eyeglasses, keys, jewelry and any other small objects.
  • Aromatherapy function – Not only does the smartphone sterilizer can keep your belongs germ free, but also the UVGI sterilizer works like an aromatherapy diffuser. Simply add few drops of your favorite aroma into an oil tray inside, your phone will be freshen while sanitizing.
  • Portable sterilizer – The sleek, ergonomic and compact design of our smartphone sterilizer makes it easy to take with you, wherever you go. Specially this phone sterilizer is powered from laptop desktop, power bank, or any USB charger. You can sanitize your cell phone and other personal belongings with its case whether at work, home, traveling or car.
  • Gift choice – Presented in a stylish box, it’s an ideal gift for germaphobes and must-have gadget for anyone who cares about hygiene. Also,The perfect gift for the germaphobe in your life. Best gift for people to go against bacteria and coronavirus such as COVID-19 and SARS, as well as various type of influenza A and B viruses.

User Tips:

  • Input power cannot be less than 5VDC / 1A, otherwise the machine cannot work effectively.
  • The lip has to be in close position for the sterilizer to function.
  • Do not add too many essential oil into the tray, suggest less than 6-drop.
  • Germs typically take days to build up to hazard level in normal ambient conditions. So most people only need to sanitize a smartphone once a day. But if you are working in high-risk areas such as hospital or virology laboratory, you may sanitize it every few yours.
  • There is no perceivable nor reported harm to sanitize a hardware too often.

Smartphone Sterilizer Package

1 * Smartphone Sterilizer
1 * Micro USB cable
1 * Cleaning Cloth
1 * User Manual
1 * Exquisite gift boxes

UVGI Glasses Mouse Sterilizer Smartphone Germicidal

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UVGI Glasses Mouse Sterilizer Smartphone Germicidal
UV Multi-Function Sterilizer
UV Multi-Function Sterilizer
UV Multi-Function Sterilizer
UV Multi-Function Sterilizer

The UVGI-PCO Germicidal Technology

UVGI Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation occurs only in the UV-C wavelength range. Therefore the germicidal ultraviolet light (UV-C) is proven effective in sterilizing microbes in split seconds, and has long be used in medical facility. When pairing with a photocatalytic chamber coated with materials like Tritium dioxide, the germicidal efficiency is multiplied over the same air flow capacity.

UVGI Germicidal Chart
TiO2 Photocatalystic Oxidation Explained
UV-C UVGI Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation spectrum
UVGI Mold Test on Bread 7-day

User Reviews

Your phone is a breeding ground for germs, and it’s dirtier than a toilet seat. A few of the standout germs that could be lurking on your phone include E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Streptococcus.

My order arrived quickly and was well protected from any possible transit damage. The sterilizer box is nicely presented, so this would also be a great gift for your loved one.

Under the sterilizer case, there is a sheet of instructions, cleaning cloth, and USB leads for you to connect the sanitizer to a power plug. There are two UV lamps to help clean your phone. There are two lighted buttons on the surface of the sanitizer case – one for the UV disinfection function and the other for the fragrance. There is a space where you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil so that your phone is not only clean but smells nice too. I used peppermint.

It takes about 5 minutes for the cleaning,it will automatically stop once the cleaning/fragrance cycle has finished.


Good product. Easy to use. The size fits my iphone plus. Happy with it.

After watching a documentary on how disgusting cell phones actually are, I was very happy to find this product.

I always hesitated to use any type of “wipe” cleaner as I feared it would ruin the glass. The fact that this can safely sanitize my phone is PERFECT!

It’s portable which makes me. Don’t forget that the case gets just as dirty as the phone itself! The sanitizer case is big enough to clean items like keys and earphones, earings, rings and other small items.I am very happy with my purchase.


Used it easily to sanitize all the phones in my family. A quick 5 minutes and it’s done!

Everyone can spare that time to ensure your phone is germ-free!

It would be a smart purchase for me. It arrived earlier this week and I have used it every day so far. It was very easy to remove from the box, plug in, and use. The design is sleek. I highly recommend this product.


I love my sterilizer and my coworkers do too!

I was so happy with my first purchase that I bought a second one for my office to keep healthy and phone-germ free all day.

The beautiful design makes it fit in perfectly with the decor. It’s sturdy and well-made and is one of the best investments I’ve made in years!

I feel at peace knowing my sterilizer is helping me stay away from all those germs!


The cell phone sterilizer is much needed during this time. Flu season is here and germs are everywhere. I feel my iPhone is more germ free with the sterilizer.

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