WELL Building Standard v2.2 Air Features Compliance

Simple and Cost Least

We have a readily made indoor air quality management solution for WELL v2.2 Air Features compliance. Likely their costing would champion your budget list from the least for every single score you WELL team wishes to get.

1. WIFI IAQ Monitor2. Ceiling-mounted Air Purifier

1. WIFI-based 7-in-1 IAQ Monitor

The device is qualified for WELL A08.1 on PM2.5, CO2 and TVOC; T01.2 with dry bulb temperature and relative humidity.

Both annual replacement and on-site calibration options are available.

2. Ceiling-mounted Electrostatic Precipitator

Equipped with ozone filter, UV germicidal lamp, activated charcoal panel and 3M HEPA layers.

We suggest at least one machine per IAQ Monitor installed so to meet WELL A01.1, A01.2, and A01.3.

We ship the hardware internationally from Hong Kong. They are simple products to be installed and commissioned on site by your local HVAC engineers. Cloud data server can be deployed on our cloud server, or your cloud server, or your local on-premises server, so be fully in compliance to your client’s Data Privacy and IT policy.

Contact us with your project brief for our quotation.

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