Spray Misting Fogger DIY Disinfection Fine Mist


Electric spray gun

It is specially equipped with water-based solvent liquid catalyst spraying machine to remove formaldehyde under high pressure atomization, and the mist powder is extremely fine, which exerts the highest decomposition efficiency of formaldehyde removal medium.

It is not recommended for users to use general spray guns because the accessories and air pressure are not correct. On the one hand, the paint is wasted. On the other hand, the mist powder particles are too large. Nanomolecules cover each other. The pollutant decomposition efficiency after sticking to the wall. It will also be greatly reduced.

If you spray too much, the nano molecules will  overlap each other, and the effect of decomposing pollutants is not good. It is usually enough to spray two or three times at home.

Spraying process

Do not be too greedy. After spraying once at a distance of about 30cm from the surface, you should move-on.

If the level of formaldehyde pollution is high, you can spray for second time. (after the solution is dry at first time.)

No water droplets occur if you spray well. Otherwise, wipe it off with wet cloth before the solution is dry.